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Our Aim

Connecting high quality analytics with commercial decision making

Approach & Expertise

NGLStrategy, LLC methodology seeks to combine high-quality analytics with an understanding of how markets work and companies behave.
NGLS Approach

NGLS aim is to provide decision makers with high quality information, services and strategies based on the best available market knowledge and understanding.

To succeed in delivering this, our approach includes

  • Gather high quality public and derived data
  • Use our proprietary models and analytics functions to efficiently “rationalize” the gathered data
  • Study, analyze and interpret the raw and derived data and model results through the experience of the core and extended team of experts
  • Define the best practices through the lenses of market understanding and the team’s industry experience
  • Provide the insights to clients in a concise way, presenting the key findings and pinpointing the risks that could affect the interpretations.
NGLS Expertise

NGLS expertise covers the international NGL space and the whole spectrum of the NGL chain

Market Expertise

Our market expertise is dedicated to

  • LPG (Propane, nButane & iButane)
  • Ethane
  • Olefins (Ethylene, propylene, butadiene) and their feedstocks
  • Global petchem gases trade
  • Pentanes plus & Condensate not in the core offerings but available upon request
Advisory Expertise

 Illustration of examples of areas where NGLs provides business support:

NGLS Methodology

Our Reports

Our 2023 brochure for an easy to read guide on all of our reports offered by us.

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