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Global Propane Butane Markets Overview and Forecast to 2025

Propane and Butane markets are diverging;

Key questions to be answered in the report:

    • Global supply has reached an all-time high – how will producing countries cope with increasing liquids production and what is the scope for utilisation within each country?
    • What underlying factors will shape the future of the propane and butane markets and what are the key influences?
    • Where will NGLs and naphtha rank as cracker feeds?
    • Will the increased growth in demand be within retail applications or within the large bulk sector for petrochemical and refinery use, and where?
    • How much of the increased supply will head to the seaborne market?
    • Where are the new infrastructure developments taking place and when?
    • What are the key sensitivities behind the growth in the propane/butane?

NGLStrategy’s new multi-client study looks at these developments and presents its view on how global propane and butane markets will evolve to 2025 and how this will impact pricing, petrochemicals and seaborne trade. It will provide companies with a basis for investment decisions and forming new strategies.

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