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Petchem Gas Trade 2017-2025

Global ethylene, propylene and butadiene markets are changing;

– New large ethane-based ethylene plants are being commissioned in the USA. Will low ethane costs promote new terminal capacity and greater US ethylene exports?

– China continues to add propylene capacity through PDH and coal/methane based ethylene/propylene plants. Will these make propylene cheap enough to displace some of China’s propylene imports?

– European olefin production is likely to be squeezed, creating ethylene – and possibly propylene – import opportunities and decreasing butadiene export potential.

– In addition, there has been significant investment in large ethylene-capable vessels. NGLStrategy’s new multi-client study looks at these developments and presents its view on how global petchem gas trade will evolve to 2025 and how this will impact petchem gas shipping. It will provide companies with a basis for investment decisions and forming new strategies.

A fresh look at future seaborne petchem gas trade


New plants/bigger ships, potential for expanding trade

With new ethane-based ethylene capacity being added in the US Gulf, is there justification for new ethylene terminal capacity to supply US ethylene to Europe and Asia? Will it be cheaper for Europe to import ethylene than make it locally?


Will new Chinese capacity stunt propylene trade? As more propylene is produced in China from PDH and CTO/ MTO/MTP will propylene trade with China diminish? Will it be cheaper to import propylene or make it in China?


Is Europe’s role in butadiene trade about to diminish? If European ethylene production from naphtha declines and less butadiene is made, how will global markets cope with the loss of butadiene from its major supplier?


What will be the impact in shipping? Given the addition of larger ethylene-capable ships to the fleet, what will be the impact of changes in petchem gas trade on trade routes and the vessels used?

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