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Propane & Butane Seaborne Trade to 2025

Propane and butane markets are diverging as they are governed by different market dynamics.

Key questions to be answered in the report:

  • How will the regional seaborne trade of propane and butane evolve through to 2025?
  • Which countries will be the major exporters and importers? The study will provide an executive style presentation of the key factors and risks that will determine which countries will dominate future propane/butane flows.
  • What pricing mechanisms will determine how propane and butane markets will be cleared? The study will examine how propane and butane pricing has evolved in recent years by looking at the ever-growing number of pricing influences. How will these market-clearing mechanisms affect the seaborne flows to 2025?
  • What do all those changes mean for the VLGC markets? How will the VLGC supply/demand balance develop? When the market will return to healthy freight rates?

NGLStrategy’s new multi-client study looks at these developments and presents its view on how global propane and butane trade will evolve to 2025 and how this will impact LPG shipping. It will provide companies with a basis for investment decisions and forming new strategies.

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