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Propane & Butane Seaborne Trade to 2025

“Understanding the pivotal role propane and butane seaborne trade plays in an evolving market environment is key to determining where products will flow and how trade dynamics will change global pricing, shipping and economic patterns”


What changes are expected in seaborne trade through to 2025 and why?

  • North America (primarily USA, but also Canada) will remain the key export growth region, but what other regions will contribute to the global exports market?
  • What are the expectations for Middle East exporters: how will political issues influence export levels and will new petrochemical demand within the region lower export expectations?
  • Asian markets have been the key import growth factors throughout 2015 to 2019. Will this continue towards 2025 and for what demand segments? Or will other regions raise their import volume?
  • What sensitivities will be pivotal in influencing propane and butane seaborne trade movements?

Which countries will be the major exporters and importers?

  • The study will provide an executive style presentation of the key factors and risks that will determine future propane/butane flows by country. It will also assess how trade volumes for these countries could vary according to different domestic supply/demand scenarios

Which countries will be the major exporters and importers?

  • The study will examine how propane and butane pricing has evolved in recent years by looking at the ever-growing number of pricing influences. How will these market-clearing mechanisms affect the seaborne flows to 2025?

What do all those changes mean for the VLGC markets?

  • How will the VLGC supply/demand balance develop?
  • How will global supply/demand changes affect VLGC freight rates by 2025?

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