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Ammonia is one of the fastest growing environmentally friendly products with a multitude of new applications and developments.

NGLS offers comprehensive coverage of the global ammonia seaborne market with the aim to support clients in understanding the ins and outs of this market in order to take informed commercial decisions.

  • Global production by application
  • Global supply/demand balance by application and outlook to 2040
  • Ammonia export capacity/availability
  • Supply drivers
  • Global demand by application
  • New ammonia uses such as for co-firing with coal, as a hydrogen carrier, and as a bunker fuel
  • Global requirement of ammonia per region and per application
  • Demand drivers
  • Global ammonia import and export infrastructure
  • New and prospective ammonia related infrastructure developments
  • Global ammonia demand projects
  • Global ammonia seaborne trade requirements
  • Global ammonia trade flows outlook to 2040
  • Global imports/exports – historical and outlook
  • Current and prospective ammonia fleet
  • Future vessel requirements by segment
  • What the implications of new developments mean for the shipping market and how each segment of the fleet will grow towards 2040
  • Freight outlook
  • Ammonia shipping project economics
  • Ammonia shipping investment economics
  • Ammonia production economics and comparison with competing products in different applications
  • Ammonia price scenarios by type of product
  • Global delivered ammonia economics/costs
  • Project economics and due diligence