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In a fast-paced market, it is essential to gain insights into changes in the market fundamentals on a regular basis.

NGLStrategy offers a range of services to analyse and explain the short-term outlook for the propane and butane (LPG) markets.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, supported by the data behind the forecasts and regular market discussions provides a key internal resource.

  • Propane & Butane Weekly Report
  • Propane & Butane Monthly Report
  • US Short-Medium Term NGL Market Outlook Report
  • Data package
  • Market video calls or in-person meetings


  • Global supply by region and source of supply
  • Global demand by region and analysis of application
  • Sensitivities in supply and demand


  • Global seaborne exports by major country – historical and forecast
  • Global seaborne imports by major country – historical and forecast
  • Global propane and butane trade flows outlook


  • Current VLGC fleet
  • Future changes to the VLGC fleet
  • Freight outlook by trade route
  • VLGC supply and demand outlook and impact on freight
  • Panama Canal analysis and outlook of delays


  • Feedstock economics and comparison of LPG with competing feedstocks
  • Outlook for economics for the production of propylene and ethylene by region and feedstock
  • Analysis of new capacity and shutdowns/loss of LPG flexibility
  • Comparison of delivered prices from major exporting regions for use in petchem facilities


  • Forecast for propane and butane pricing in major regions
  • Comparison of prices for propane and butane relative to oil/gas prices
  • Analysis of arbitrage from US Gulf Coast to major importing regions
  • Price forecast evaluation relative to breakeven values
  • Provides the basis for making commercial investment decisions
  • Allows market participants to stay ahead of the trends and understand recent changes
  • Identifies opportunities within the markets
  • The reports can form the basis for a range of support from NGLStrategy
  • Provides access to the NGLStrategy team for questions
  • Cost effective access to the future of natural gas liquid markets.
  • Reports
  • Research & Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Project development
  • Commercial Advisory
  • Training | Workshops
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