Meet Our Experts

Michael Panas

Managing Consultant
“Exciting times lie ahead for the NGL industry as we navigate the energy transition period. We look forward to working with a range of companies to help them transition the needs and aspirations for the future of energy”

Peter Manning

Senior Consultant
“The shifting global landscape of commodities like LPG, ammonia, and petrochemical gases presents an opportunity for industry evolution and innovation. Leading the charge in guiding organizations through these changes is exhilarating and encouraging for the future of our industry”

Emma Lamb

Lead Consultant
“The continuous development of LPG as a global commodity drives a range of challenges. It’s aspirational to be part of the global community and look forward to collaborating with the industry going forward as LPG and ammonia take a pivotal position in the energy transition”

Paola Sherwill

Commercial Advisor
“In the expansive realm of the global liquid gas industry, I eagerly anticipate leveraging the power to forge connections between markets and foster growth. My aim is to help businesses to not only survive, but thrive in the dynamic landscape of the LPG trading sector“

Christos Liakopoulos

Chief Data Officer
“In the energy sector and shipping industry, the role of quality data is paramount. Our focus lies in ensuring that decision-makers have access to accurate and reliable data. In this ever-evolving landscape, precise data is instrumental for strategic planning, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. Employing advanced analytics, we uncover insights that drive informed decision-making, enabling stakeholders to navigate complexities and seize opportunities.“

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