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Global ethylene, propylene and butadiene markets are shifting. NGLStrategy’s study provides a fresh look at the future of seaborne petrochemical gas trade and the impact on shipping.

NGLStrategy’s annual study investigates changes to the ethylene, propylene and butadiene seaborne trade market. The impact of changes in such markets on petchem gas shipping is investigated including requirements for larger vessel specifications.
For ethylene, as the US expands its steam cracking industry based on cheap ethylene from ethane, there is the potential for a big expansion of ethylene exports. At the same time, investments in new steam crackers and derivative plants in China and Europe may change global ethylene trade patterns.
The propylene industry is going through a rapid change with the influx of new capacity additions. The influence of such additions on propylene trade is summarised in the report.
The study also looks at the butadiene market and changes in dynamics between East and West.

  • Understand how the changing landscape for petchem gases will shape seaborne trade patterns
  • Learn the impact of changing seaborne trade on feed costs and the potential opportunities for future developments.
  • Provides a basis for investment decisions and for companies forming new strategies
  • Find out what the implications of the changing markets will be for the shipping market and potential need for larger vessels
  • Gain access to NGLS’s analysts and consultants for questions on the market

Petchem Trade Flows

  • Ethylene, propylene and butadiene trade flows historically and forecast to 2030

Olefin Costs & Investment

  • Impact of feedstocks on ethylene and propylene costs
  • Cost-related trade changes
  • Shipping investment potential in the petchem gases sector going forward

VLGC Shipping

  • Gas shipping supply/demand analysis and balance for vessels below and above 12,000 cbm
  • Shipping supply/demand analysis and forecast for the period 2021-2030


  • Reports are delivered via email in PDF format
  • Comprehensive detailed annual study
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s analysts and consultants


  • Report is published annually with any significant updates sent when appropriate
  • NGLStrategy’s experts are available at any time for further explanation/analysis