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Propane and butane, or LPG, like ethane is another key component of the NGL barrel and an integral part of the global petrochemical industry.

As a byproduct, its consumption is truly versatile and globally utilised.

NGLS offers a comprehensive coverage of the global propane and butane (LPG) market with the aim to support clients in every part of the supply chain.

  • Global gas plant and refinery production by country
  • Inventory assessments for major markets such as the US, China and India
  • Analysis of US LPG production relative to economics of recovery
  • Global demand within the retail segment (residential, commercial, industrial and autogas)
  • Global demand within the petrochemical segment (PDH, steam cracking etc.) and other large bulk sectors
  • Breakdown of new petrochemical plants by country and estimated demand
  • Analysis of retail demand growth potential and opportunities for investment
  • Rigorous modelling of VLGC shipping sector
  • Supply/demand analysis of VLGCs
  • Freight rate outlook and assessments for a number of key trade routes
  • VLGC daily returns and investment
  • Due diligence
  • Seaborne trade exports and imports
  • Global historical propane and butane (LPG) trade flows and outlook
  • New petrochemical plants utilising propane and/or butane
  • Comparison of economics of propane and butane as feedstocks vs other products e.g. ethane/ naphtha
  • Analysis of new developments and overview of investments
  • Price analysis of feedstocks for investments
  • Propane and butane price forecasts for major regions US, NW Europe, NE Asia, Middle East
  • Analysis of regional prices relative to other fuels e.g. % of crude oil
  • Key drivers of current propane and butane prices and potential future drivers
  • Global delivered LPG economics/costs vs regional competing feedstocks
  • Project economics and due diligence