Emma Lamb – Lead Consultant

Dr. Emma Lamb is an accomplished figure in the field of chemistry, having a profound expertise in the intricate dynamics of the chemicals industry and its profound influence on commodity markets. She holds a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews, followed by a PhD from the University of Bath, where her research delved into the development of catalysts for the production of sustainable biopolymers.

Throughout her illustrious career, Emma has spearheaded numerous consulting assignments specializing in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGLs (natural gas liquids), garnering a reputation as a trusted advisor to key stakeholders. Her adeptness in supply/demand modelling and trade flow analysis sets her apart as a strategist, crafting bespoke approaches tailored to the nuances of gas liquids markets.

Drawing upon her profound chemical acumen, Emma possesses an unparalleled understanding of downstream LPG and ammonia applications, particularly in the European and Asian petrochemical sectors. Prior to her current endeavors, she honed her skills at Poten & Partners, where she served as a consultant and analyst, contributing invaluable insights to the industry landscape.

Emma is a frequent speaker at prestigious global LPG conferences, where her expertise shines through captivating keynote addresses. Notably, she delivered a seminal speech at the LP Gas Seminar in Tokyo, leaving an indelible mark on the audience in March 2018, as well as presenting at the Guangdong Oil & Gas Association LPG Conference in China and the PFA Europe Spring meeting, on a number of occasions.

Emma is currently based in London.

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