New investment in North America, Europe and Asia has been seen over the last decade. NGLStrategy’s study provides a fresh look at the future of the Seaborne Ethylene Trade and how it will impact shipping to 2035.

This report is a must for those considering investment in the market or wanting to understand the potential growth.

A number of new US ethane-based ethylene plants have recently come into operation, with the potential for further projects on the horizon. The abundance of ethylene in the West raises the question of how much of this will be consumed in the US vs exported to other petrochemical hubs such as Europe and Asia.

Already, seaborne exports of ethylene have grown in recent years with the start up of larger newer terminals. More projects could be seen in the future.

NGLStrategy’s ethylene seaborne trade report looks at the recent developments and presents its view on how global ethylene trade will evolve to 2035 and how it will impact shipping. As a result, analysis of the seaborne trade movements, economics and cost structure as well as commercial considerations are analysed.

  • Stay ahead of the developments in the global seaborne ethylene market and the key sensitivities behind the potential growth.
  • Understand why ethylene is shipped and explore the intra and inter regional trade to 2035.
  • Learn how quickly seaborne volumes are likely to grow and the relative demand/ location of new projects
  • Gain insight into the development of future ethylene seaborne trade
  • Determine ethylene cost production scenarios for various feedstocks including delivered ethylene
  • Find out what the implications of the growing ethylene market will be for the shipping market and potential need for more vessels
  • Gain access to NGLS’s analysts and consultants for questions on the market

Ethylene Seaborne Trade

  • Why is ethylene shipped and global ethylene supply & demand
  • New projects and changing capacities of ethylene plants
  • Global trade movements


  • Economics of ethylene production for varying feedstocks in differing regions
  • Cost structure behind ethylene shipments
  • Cost benefit with scenarios


  • Overview of new developments
  • Shipping supply/demand analysis and forecast
  • Freight overview and forecast


  • Reports are delivered via email in PDF format
  • Comprehensive detailed annual study
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s analysts and consultants


  • PDF report delivered annually
  • NGLStrategy’s experts are available at any time for further explanation/analysis