NGLStrategy’s US specific short-medium term report provides an up to date forecast for LPG on the largest exporter of volume globally. The quarterly update is essential for market participants to understand the US market relative to the global LPG landscape.

Understanding what is driving the development of LPG production, domestic demand, inventory levels as well as exports, allows global players to stay ahead of competition.
The quarterly report analyses both the short and the medium-term supply/demand dynamics with particularly emphasis on production economics for LPG relative to natural gas and crude oil. Key indicators such as rig count, GPM, frac spread and heating degree days are investigated and forecasts provided.
Each report is supported by data in an Excel format and via our online portal database allowing clients to individualise their analysis pertinent to their needs.

  • Stay ahead of developments and market changes by finding out what is forecast for the next 12 months on a monthly basis and till 2027 on an annual basis.
  • Understand where the growth in supply is expected for LPG within the US and why
  • Ties US LPG developments with the global landscape
  • Analyses all aspects of the US LPG market into one report eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions
  • Allows access to NGLStrategy’s online portal (subject to level of subscription)
  • Gain access to NGLS’s analysts and consultants for questions on the market


  • Shale gas/tight oil production by region and key production indicators
  • Natural gas production forecast and considerations
  • NGL production outlook by region and product
  • Analysis of key production factors such as frac spread and GPM


  • Petrochemical economics for steam crackers and PDH plants
  • Demand for propane and butane domestically: petrochemical and retail
  • Propane and butane inventory developments and forecast


  • Seaborne export forecast by region
  • Analysis of export capacity
  • Direction of trade for US exports to major importing regions


  • US Crude Oil and Natural Gas price forecasts
  • Mt Belvieu price forecast and delivered spot price analysis to NW Europe and Far East
  • Price sensitivities


  • Report delivered via email in PDF format containing both short and medium term forecast
  • Supplementary data is provided via email in Excel format
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s online portal for all data relating to the reports which can be downloaded in a number of formats (subject to subscription level)
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s analysts and consultants


  • Reports are published each quarter with market alerts sent within the quarter when appropriate
  • NGLStrategy’s experts are available at any time for further explanation/analysis