Client Portal

NGLStrategy global NGLs supply data service

NGLStrategy’s online portal is the main source of data for anyone interesting or currently involved in the gas liquids space.

Access to on-demand data in the format most effective for your company not only provides the figures behind NGLS’s regular reports, but allows a visual representation of the raw data necessary for internal analysis.

Gain access to historical data for key topics as well as find out what is expected by accessing NGLStrategy’s forecast for the short-term (12 months) and long-term (till 2035).

  • Instant access to raw LPG data (historical & forecast)
  • Data is downloadable in multiple formats including Excel, csv, png and more
  • Visual representation of the data in a dynamic format of your choosing
  • Ability to manipulate/customise the data format including changing units of measurement (e.g. mm t to b/d)
  • Regular updates of both short- and long-term forecasts of each product

Supply & Demand

  • Monthly propane and butane supply/demand for major LPG markets (US, China & India)
  • Supply and demand for over 70 countries broken down by sector (gas plant production, refinery production, seaborne trade, retail demand, petrochemical demand)
  • Seaborne trade flows by origin & destination


  • Petrochemical economics such as margins and costs for steam cracking and PDH in key regions
  • Petrochemical volumes i.e. imports for steam cracking/PDH, loss of ethylene capacity/LPG flexibility for major regions


  • VLGC supply and demand balance
  • Number of newbuildings and scrappings
  • Panama Canal delay factor
  • Breakdown of vessels from US to Asia via Panama Canal and other routes
  • Freight rates for major routes


  • Price forecast for major regions by product in a number of different metrics ($/t, c/g, $/b, $/mmbtu)
  • Prices vs crude oil
  • NGLS’s crude oil and natural gas forecast


  • Individual log-in details to online website allowing each client to access the data in the format they require.
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s analysts and consultants


  • Data is updated in line with publications either on a monthly basis (short-term) or on a quarterly basis (long-term).
  • NGLStrategy’s experts are available at any time for further explanation/analysis