NGLStrategy has been formed to occupy a unique position in the gas liquids consultancy services.

In a world that is flooded with information, our aim is to provide a high level – bird’s eye – view of the key factors and market determinants in the gas liquids sector, based on rigorous analysis and modelling.

From this platform, we aim to provide strategic advice that is company-specific rather than generalized.

NGLStrategy puts great emphasis on analysing the inter-relation between costs, production and logistics as well as between economics and demand.
With the increasing influence of petrochemicals on gas liquids markets, NGLStrategy can draw on a depth of understanding of petrochemical supply/demand, pricing and economics – and how these impact gas liquids demand and pricing.
NGLStrategy takes a global view of markets, backed by a thorough knowledge of local situations, and establishes the relationships between regional LPG/Ammonia supply and demand and prices – relationships that underpin its forecasting of LPG/Ammonia prices.
The company has an unparalleled comprehension of international gas shipping markets. Its expertise covers both gas liquids and petchem gases particularly with regards to seaborne trade and analyzing/forecasting shipping rates.
NGLStrategy’s personnel have over 100 years of combined experience in gas liquids and petrochemicals.
Our expertise spans commercial, corporate planning, strategy, shipping, trading, plant economics, price forecasting and analytics.