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Petrochemical gases represent the building block of the global plastics industry. The key products are ethylene, propylene and butadiene, which are the main focus of NGLStrategy’s analysis.

NGLS offers a comprehensive coverage of the global petchem gases trading market with the aim to support clients in every part of the trading chain.

  • Global production by region and source of supply
  • Global demand by region and feedstock requirement
  • The effect of environmental regulations and plastic recycling
  • Global petchem gases infrastructure with focus on the seaborne related projects
  • New and prospective petchem gases related infrastructure
  • Petchem gases terminals/projects
  • Global petchem gases trade requirements based on the market structure
  • Global petchem gases trade flows outlook
  • Global historical petchem gases import/exports and outlook
  • Current petchem gases fleet
  • Future petchem gases vessel requirements by segment
  • Freight outlook by trade route
  • Petchem gases shipping project economics
  • Petchem gases shipping investment economics
  • Petchem gases feedstock economics and comparison with competing feedstocks
  • Petchem gases price scenarios and cost curve
  • Project economics and due diligence