In a world that is overflooding with information and uncertainty, a rigorous analysis of the fundamentals, due diligence of every aspect of a project and commercial support in every step of the way is highly recommended.

NGLStrategy, through the long experience of its personnel in NGL and Ammonia projects, offers a wide range of services in support to the project teams.

Project support could include, but is not restricted, the below topics

  • Support commercial strategy decisions with input from our team per client’s request.
  • Suggest potential trading/export strategies, including pricing, shipping, product considerations and what structures (i.e. joint ventures, optimal agreements, etc) could be beneficial and efficient for client’s strategy.
  • Participate in internal/external meetings, providing expertise/insights wherever required.
  • Support the negotiation process between the client and potential clients/buyers.
  • Suggest potential suitable counterparties to the client based on the client’s strategy and NGLS’s experience and network.
  • Work with executive teams in negotiations and support decision and deal making.
  • Additional commercial advisory as required.
  • Dedicated time from our team to support your internal strategy/business development efforts.
  • Provide the framework for client’s project strategy evaluation and support in all the aspects of preparing the final strategy documents/procedures
  • Supply/Demand Outlook by Product/ Region/Country
  • Price Fundamental Analysis, Discovery and Outlook
  • Gas Shipping and Trading Fundamentals, Executive Analysis and Outlook
  • Further reports on topics Clients could require/need further information/analysis.
  • Provide due diligence on infrastructure, economics, pricing, market conditions, contracts and any other commercial aspect that might be required in a project
  • Provide commercial due diligence on potential counterparties.

Provide consulting support on any relevant part of the project including:

  • Investment valuations
  • Market analysis/fundamentals
  • Commercial considerations
  • Infrastructure commercial analysis
  • Business plans
  • Trading strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Customized reports on any topic relevant ot the project
  • Specialized training sessions/workshops to support and enhance company’s executives knowledge basis
  • Market workshops based on client’s requirements.
  • Review contracts/agreements/commercial terms.
  • Provide commercial expertise on setting up export contracts/agreements (commercial terms overview, pricing negotiations, etc).