NGLStrategy’s weekly report provides an update on the current market developments and analysis/explanation from the LPG team on what to expect in the near term for the LPG global markets.

The propane and butane markets are continuingly evolving being influenced by a number of factors both directly related to the LPG market, as well as other oil/oil products. Following regular weekly updates of how the LPG market fundamentals have altered and the impact going forward are pivotal to stay ahead of the competition.

The NGLStrategy weekly report provides a varied outlook of the propane and butane markets through evaluation of a number of market indications. Each report includes access to the NGLStrategy team of analysts and consultants.

Each report is supported by data provided via our online portal database allowing clients to individualise their analysis pertinent to their needs.

  • Stay up to date of the changes observed in the market and the impact of current factors on the forecast
  • Provides an insight into the current key indicators driving the propane and butane markets.
  • Identify seasonal trends for regional LPG supply/demand.
  • Clear snapshot of the global propane and butane market
  • Gain access to NGLS’s analysts and consultants for questions on the market
  • Covers a range of topics including seaborne trade, global supply & demand, pricing, petrochemicals and shipping.

Supply & Demand

  • Weekly seaborne trade by major importer and exporter
  • Comparison with previous years to identify seasonal trends


  • Variable margins for NW Europe, Far East and USGC as well as for Far East PDH plants.
  • Capacity additions and loss including impact on LPG


  • VLGC monthly supply/demand balance
  • Freight outlook relative to market indices
  • Shipping indices including exports by VLGC, freight outlook & Panama Canal delays


  • Pricing influences for propane & butane
  • Breakeven values for propane and butane to dictate drivers of the market
  • Arbitrage economics & outlook for propane/butane relative to major trading indices


  • Weekly reports are provided via email in PDF format
  • Supplementary data is provided via email in Excel format
  • Access to NGLStratey’s online portal for all data relating to the reports can be downloaded in a number of formats (subject to subscription level)
  • Access to NGLStrategy’s analysts and consultants


  • Reports are published each week
  • NGLStrategy’s experts are available at any time for further explanation/analysis