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NGLStrategy LPG Market Seminar
Houston | April 2023

Michael Panas

Managing Consultant
Michael is a specialist in the field of gas liquids supply/demand, shipping and commercial aspects of the global markets. He has led numerous global NGL/LPG and ammonia projects, focusing on commercial evaluation, supply/demand issues, shipping analysis and supply/demand, price & freight forecasting. Michael, a Greek native, has a BSc in Shipping, Trade and Transport economics from the University of the Aegean in Greece and an MSc in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment from the University of York. He is based in Houston. Michael is a frequent keynote speaker at several international and regional conferences primarily on the global gas liquid market dynamics and outlook with an emphasis on supply/demand balances, shipping economics and price forecasting.

Emma Lamb

Lead Consultant
A PhD graduate in Chemistry from the University of Bath, UK and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews, UK, Emma has been involved in commodity markets since 2013. Emma’s current role at NGLStrategy looks at the developments within natural gas liquids in particular country by country analysis of supply/demand and implications for global seaborne trade. She has consulted on a number of consulting projects and regularly provides market insight and advice to key players in the market on effect strategies. A frequent speaker at a number of international and regional conferences primarily on the changing dynamics of the natural gas liquids industry, most recently she was part of a panel at the WLPGA Conference in New Delhi in November 2022.

Hunjo Huang

Assistant General Manager
Wanhua Petrochemical
Hunjo has been working in Wanhua for 15 years, and has been engaged in technology purchasing, raw material purchasing, enterprise management and industry research for a long time. At present, he leads a team to carry out NGLs procurement, investment and other research work in the United States.

Mark Gess

Commercial Manager
Chevron Products Company
Mark currently leads a commercial team that manages crude and gas offtake for Chevron's Permian and Haynesville production areas. He's been with Chevron for more than 15 years and held numerous Commercial and Development roles. He has nearly 35 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

Michelle Natarajan

Supply and Trading Strategy & Analytics Manager
Chevron Products Company
Michelle currently leads a team of Market Advisors responsible for formulating and communicating Chevron’s market points of view that set the strategic direction for commercial and trading activity. She’s held Operations Management, Development and Analytical roles throughout her 15 years with Chevron including overseas in Trinidad, Angola, and the UK.
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