09.00 Registration and breakfast
09.30 Welcome remarks
  • Michael Panas,
    Managing Consultant, NGLStrategy
09.35 Navigating the Volatile LPG Market
  • Emma Lamb,
    Lead Consultant, NGLStrategy

The LPG market in 2023 was dominated by the expectation for the Chinese market recovery, continuing political instability in Russia, and high US exports. Recent freight/Panama Canal disruptions have added another level of complexity.

This presentation looks to 2024 and the drivers of the market throughout the year. Key topics will include the level of US production and why, how much will be exported, what will be price implications and where will export volume be absorbed?

It will also address growth in import demand with a look at the Chinese market and PDH developments.

10.00 LPG View from a Ship Owner
  • Alexander C. Hadjipateras,

    Senior Executive Vice President, Dorian LPG (USA) LLC
    Managing Director, Dorian LPG Management (Athens)

Shipping has played an integral role in the LPG supply chain this year.

This presentation will provide a view for the shipping sector, decarbonization, investment, from a major ship owners perspective.

10.25 LPG Pricing Trends
  • Jamie Aldridge,
    Senior analyst European LPG/Naphtha, OPIS

LPG pricing in the West has reached low levels vs crude in 2023, particularly in the US, where LPG production continues to grow, and barrels are priced to export to the global markets.

The increasing influence of imports for petrochemicals and propane/butane’s relationship to other products continues to provide levels of complexity.

This presentation will explore the trends for LPG pricing from a key price reporting agency.

10.50 The Complexity of Global LPG Dynamics
  • Michael Panas,
    Managing Consultant, NGLStrategy

Global LPG dynamics are maturing following the rapid changes in supply/demand patterns, political instability, trading and shipping dynamics and environmental pressures. The key question is how all those factors come together and ultimately influence global prices and arbs.

This presentation aims to unravel the international LPG dynamics, and explore the sensitivities of the market and the forthcoming challenges, including environmental and logistical constraint factors, and put together the complete puzzle.

11.15 Q&A
11.30 Networking & Coffee
12.00 Close

Date & Time

Wednesday, 29th November 2023

Registration from 9am

12 Hay Hill


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